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Terms and conditions

You must read and accept the following terms and conditions before your payment can be processed


  • If you complete a transaction using the Inland Revenue credit/debit card service, you will be deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions. Please note these terms and conditions may be changed without notice, so you should re-read them before each time you enter the Inland Revenue credit/debit card service.
  • The service available through this website is provided by our bank, Westpac New Zealand Limited (Westpac) in agreement with Inland Revenue. This service enables you to make a payment to Inland Revenue.
  • You do not have to be a Westpac customer to use this service.

Convenience Fee

  • A convenience fee of 1.42% per transaction is applied by our bank, Westpac New Zealand Limited. Inland Revenue does not receive any part of this fee. This fee appears as a separate transaction on your card/account statement and is referred to as "Westpac Convenience Fee".

Other fees

  • Other fees or charges may apply as this credit/debit card transaction is carried out in terms of the arrangement between you and your card issuer. You should check with your card issuer for details before making payment.
  • If payment is made using a credit/debit card issued outside New Zealand, any currency conversion will be done according to the terms and conditions of the card - there may be currency conversion fees charged by your card issuer.

Payment made to Inland Revenue

  • Inland Revenue will receive only the transaction data which enables payment to be made to your Inland Revenue account and will not receive any of your credit/debit card information.
  • If your payment is not successfully processed due to credit/debit card or other issues your payment liability to the Inland Revenue will remain outstanding. If your payment liability to Inland Revenue continues to remain outstanding you may be subject to penalties, interest and other charges.
  • Fulfilment of your tax and payment obligations are your sole responsibility.

Payment unable to change

  • You must carefully check all information you input into the Inland Revenue credit/debit card service, to ensure it is correct before you confirm the transaction can proceed, because you will not be able to change it once it has been submitted.


Any refund (if applicable) will be by way of either (at the discretion of Inland Revenue):

  • a direct refund to the card number used for the original transaction, or,
  • a cheque or direct credit to the bank account of the person whose Inland Revenue number was entered, not the cardholder.

Your privacy

  • Any personal information you input into this website is being collected by Westpac to enable your payment transaction to Inland Revenue to be completed.
  • It will be held by Westpac as a record of the transaction and may also be used by Westpac to create a statistical picture, for Westpac and Inland Revenue, of the Inland Revenue clients using this service.
  • Westpac will take steps to ensure your personal information is held securely. You may, in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993, request access to, and correction of all personal information held by Westpac by contacting Westpac's privacy officer.


  • The copyright in the material available on this Inland Revenue credit/debit card service is owned by Westpac New Zealand Limited, except for the Inland Revenue logo and website banner which are owned by Inland Revenue.
  • You may electronically reproduce and store the copyright material solely for the purpose of viewing the material. You may not reproduce, use, refer to or otherwise deal with the Inland Revenue logo and website banner.

No warranty

Westpac makes no warranty, express or implied, and does not assume any legal responsibility:

  • that the website or the server are free from computer viruses or any other harmful components, defects or errors;
  • that any defects in the website can be corrected;
  • that your access to the website will be reliable, without interruption, deletions, defects, computer viruses or communication line failures; or
  • for any theft, destruction, damage or unauthorised access to your computer system or network.

New Zealand law

  • The Inland Revenue credit/debit card service is governed by New Zealand law, and the New Zealand courts have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to it.
  • The Inland Revenue credit/debit card service has been prepared in accordance with New Zealand law. If you access the Inland Revenue credit/debit card service from outside New Zealand, you do so on your own responsibility and are responsible for ensuring compliance with all laws in the place where you are located.